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Total Path: cm

$ 1.25

What is MFG Cost and what's included?

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White, smooth, cheap, but not durable.
More detailed than Generic Resin SD.
Durable, accurate, ideal for prototype and low volume products
Grey smooth resin, better stiffness and durability
Light yellow smooth resin, better stiffness and durability
More detailed than Tough Resin SD(Grey).
More detailed than Tough Resin SD(Yellow).
Dark grey, durable and strong, withstands 90℃ (post-cured)
Light green, smooth and durable resin, more flexible than Tough Resin
White, smooth, awesome durablity and flexibility
White, smooth rubber-like resin, Shore 92A, not very durable
Translucent, smooth, might have scratches, not very durable
Transparent and smooth, can be tinted to other colors (enter in notes)
3D Systems biocompatible translucent resin. USP Class VI certified
Ivory, withstand 150C for long-term usage, but quite delicate
White, withstand 270℃, better durability than 150℃ resin
Orange, ultra smooth, ideal for intricate detailed model
More detailed than Ultra Detail SD
Green, smooth and detailed, ideal for jewelry casting
More detailed than Castable Resin SD
White, granular surface, awesome flexbility and durability
Light grey, granular surface, tougher than PA12
White, granular surface, elastic rubber, Shore 92A, not detailed.
Black, granular surface, flexible & durable with good heat resistance
Black, granular surface, stiffer than PA12
Vibrant fullcolor, granular surface, fine flexibility and durability
Black, granular surface, much more flexible than PA12
Light purple, smooth & detailed, quite delicate
Skyblue, extremely smooth & detailed, delicate
Vibrant fullcolor, granular surface, but quite delicate
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Common Questions

  • How to order parts on Insta3DP?
      1. Upload CAD drawings to the canvas, supported format: stl,obj,stp,step,igs,iges,zip,png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp,dxf
      2. Rescale the model by dragging the bar or entering the dimension, please note: default file unit is mm, click ‘inch’ to switch unit.
      3. Select material from the dropdown, you can also search by name.
      4. Check the price which indicates the estimated unit cost of manufacturing instantly. Please note: The price is NOT the final offer, there might be updates after technical review.
      5. Place order with secure online payment methods like PayPal and credit card.
      6. View order detail in your dashboard and wait for our technical review & manufacturablity check.
      7. We start producing if everything is checked and confirmed, if the drawing needs modification or extra payment, we will notify you via email.
      8. We ship the package and you wait for the delivery.
      9. Give us some feedback and prepare for the next project 🙂
  • Do you have minimum order value?

    Apart from material volume cost, there are serveral ingredients in order pricing:

    Per Material Minimum Order Value
    The minimum order amount is $30 per material(SD and HD resolution are considered as same material) excluding shipping cost. Which means if your parts manufacturing cost is less than $30, we will still charge $30, so it’s more economic to order multiple copies if your part is cheaper than $30.

    Per Part Minimum Order Value
    Since each parts has to be post processed manually, we normally charge extra per part to cover the labor cost. Normally it’s $1.2 per part, but if the parts are too complicated, the per part fee will be higher.

  • What file format is supported by Insta3DP?
    • 3D Model: stl,obj,stp,step,igs,iges
    • 2D Image: png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp (It will guide you to generate a lithophane based on the image)
    • Zip file(.zip) with multiple 3D models or colorful OBJ file(obj+mtl+jpg)
  • Can I upload colorful 3D model?

    Yes! We support colorful OBJ 3D model upload:

    You must upload .obj.mtl+.png/bmp/jpg in one compressed .zip folder, and don’t upload more than one OBJ file at a time, the system will fail to recognize multiple colorful OBJ files.

  • Can I upload multiple 3D models in one time?

    Yes! You can compress multiple parts(STL format only) in one ZIP folder.

    However we don’t recommend you to do so. The parts will be automatically re-packed in system, since the shipping cost is calculated based on bounding box of the packed models, this might increase the estimated shipping cost. Also packed models is harder for system to process.
  • The price is different after I add it to cart, why?

    This issue often happens on broken 3D model. If there are mesh errors in your 3D model, after you rescale the model, the calculated volume might be different than actual volume.

    When this happens, please contact us for a manual review or try to repair the 3D model using 3D model repairing tools like NetFabb, FreeCAD, Makeprintable to ensure there’s no mesh errors in 3D model.

  • Why can’t I find some materials in Insta3DP?

    Insta3DP aims at minimize the manual effort in 3D printing quotation, however calculating the material/support/running hours of certain 3D printing process like PolyJet and DMLS is a big challenge. We will keep improving the algorithms and add more materials in the list.

    Can’t find the material in Insta3DP? Try the manual review quoting system that includes our entire expertise of manufacturing capabilities!
  • What’s the status of my order?

    For Manual Review orders, you can see the order list here.

    For Insta3DP orders, you can see the order detail here.

    If you still have question, click to chat with us
    or open support ticket.

  • What will happen when my order is being reviewed?

    NOTICE: Order status and total amount might update after technical review! We’ll send you the updates via email. Possible Changes of Insta3DP Order:

    1. Require modification
      Through our technical review, your 3D model has design errors that makes the part not manufacturable, we might need you to modify it or cancel the order.
    2. Extra manufacturing cost
      Might occur due to high complexity or high risk of producing/post processing your parts.
    3. Extra shipping cost:
      Might occur due to over-weight/over-size/extended area surcharge or unpredictable special occasion.
    4. Order cancellation
      Your order might be rejected if we decide your requirement impossible to meet, or the products might violate any laws/regulations.
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